Xander Mol

8 bit fan from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

IT Audit Manager, 8 bit fan, loving girlfriend Gerda and sons Wouter and Reinier. Living in Utrecht, The Netherlands

My Oric Atmos

The Oric Atmos is one of the machines I used a lot in my youth. Alas my old one broke down and we swapped it away. Also alas so far have not found back tapes of the programs I wrote back then.

One of the best looking 8-bits ever made.

For me, the Oric is one of the best looking 8 bits ever made. Very beautiful case in black and orange colours. Also an excellent BASIC dialect with a good manual as well. Enabled programming in HIRES quite easily. Was never very popular in the Nethetlands back then, so did not have much commercial software with it.

Recently re-acquired my present Oric Atmos. Still a great looking machine. Added several parts of new hardware to make it more usable with modern mass storage. In the end it became a pan-European collection:

  • main unit from Sweden (obtained privately via Facebook group)
  • power supply unit from Spain via MiComputer
  • SCART video cable from the UK via RetroComputerShack
  • Erebus SD memory tape emulator from the UK via 8Bit-Tronics
  • Cumana Reborn USB to floppy emulator from Poland via SellMyRetro
The inside of my Oric
The inside of my Oric
My Oric in my present setup
My Oric in my present setup
Oric running a text adventure
My Oric running the new Tristam Island text adventure at the same time as my C128D
Oric boot screen
The Oric Atmos boot screen